Hello! My name is Leah. Welcome to my blog!

I’m a 24-year-old artist and YouTuber. I’ve been on YouTube since the end of 2012. I’ve wanted to start a blog basically ever since then. To be my own boss and create content and artwork is the ultimate goal.

This is a space to share my experiences as I go through my mid-20’s. Finding out what I love, trying new things, making so many DIYs and art projects, etc. is what I’m truly excited about. I hope you stay a while, get inspired, and genuinely love what I have to offer!


A few little facts about me:

• I’m 5 foot 3 inches tall.

• My sorting house is Gryffindor, but for some reason I thought I’d be Hufflepuff.

• Coffee is life and I love it so much, especially iced.

• I’m from the middle of nowhere in between 3 smaller towns and about a half hour away from pretty much everything.

• My Patronus is a Nebulous Cat which is so accurate it’s crazy.

• I’m a fabulous tree climber (haven’t climbed in years but I bet I’m still awesome.)

• One of my absolute favorite foods is shrimp, especially jumbo shrimp.

• I made my first YouTube video back in 2009 probably, and I looked MISERABLE in it that I put off making videos until 2012 when I felt more confident.

• One of my dreams in life is creating my own books, whether it be written or drawn.

• I’ve had over 20 cats in my lifetime. All outdoors until Obi Wan whom I have currently.

• One of my bad habits is getting off topic while talking so I take 30 minutes to tell a 10 minute story and it drives myself nuts just as much as other people.

• I’m German on both sides of my family so my skin is what I like to call, porcelain. I literally can’t tan properly and I’ve accepted that I’ll always look void of color.