New Artwork Available on my Etsy Shop!

January 4, 2019

Happy new year!

With the start of 2019, I wanted to tell you lovelies that I’ve got new artwork up on my Etsy shop! I’ve been working on these for pretty much all of 2018 and I’m so excited to show you how they’ve turned out!

First up, the main thing I’ve got for you is bridal shower games! We’ve got a bunch of different ones available. My favorites are probably ‘Guess Her Dress‘ and How Old Was the Bride to Be?’.

Here’s a couple of examples!

I also wanted to give you a couple of freebies on here for being so supportive of my business! We’ve got a Disney Love Quotes and Disney Love Quotes Answers digital prints and a Disney Couples and Disney Couples Answers prints!

If you want to see some more new artwork, I’ve got another post about new artwork for 2019 that I think you’ll love! It’s also got a little freebie hidden in it for you if you’d like!