My word for 2019

January 4, 2019

2018 was a really hard year. This year I want to do better and feel better. I lost myself along the way and I’m trying to get myself back. I want to share my word for 2019 but first I want to talk about my goals and resolutions for this year.

Let go of toxic things in my life

2018 was a year for reflection. Some personal things happened right at the beginning of last year and my life has completely changed. It was a really rough year mentally for me. I’ve been going to counseling off and on to sort though my thoughts and feelings and the main thing I’ve found is that I’m a people-pleaser and slightly co-dependent. I don’t want to upset anyone or make anything wrong, even if it means sacrificing how I feel instead. This year, that stops. If someone is toxic for my mental health, I need to let them know, deal with it and move on. No more avoiding; no more pretending nothing is wrong.

Start taking better care of myself

Mentally and physically. I’m not eighteen anymore and my body is starting to show me that. Every year I tell myself I’m going to work out and get in shape and then I don’t. This needs to stop this year. I want to flourish and blossom with my confidence in myself.

Make more time for family and friends

Sometimes I get into a rut where I don’t want to do anything or see anyone, when the thing that would help is being around the people I love.

Get back into making YouTube video

I’ve been taking a break since last August to figure out where I want to take my brand. I’ve been making videos just to make them and not really making quality over quantity. I want to make sure the videos I’m putting out are the best quality I can give. And that it’s coming from my heart and I’m still passionate about it.

Grow my blog and business!

My biggest goal in life is to be able to work from home as a full-time artist. I’ve been half-assing my work when I come home from my current full-time job because I’m too tired or just don’t want to at the time. Then, later I complain because I’m not any further into my career that I would like to be. I need to put my full effort into this if I want it to pay off and be my job and my business. This is my year. I’ve got another post about new artwork for my Etsy shop that I’d love for you to check out.

Get a new job

In order to afford to continue my career, I first need a better paying job to be able to live on my own and be an adult. Interviews and getting new jobs are a big anxiety trigger for me and I turn 26 this year and need my own insurance, which my current job does not provide. Ideally, I’d like to make enough to support myself off my artwork but that’s not realistic right now, so I need to get over my anxiety, help my mental health, and get a new job that’ll help me pay the bills.

Get a house with my boyfriend

We want to build our future together. It’s just so dang expensive. No one ever talks about how overwhelming it is to face all those responsibilities. There are so many things you have to do and have in order to get a house, and one of those things is the money. We’re so close. We just need a little longer and a little more cushion in order to jump into this huge life choice together.

I’ve reflected on last year and how it affected me and how I feel about myself right now and I don’t want to be that way in 2019. I want to be more confident in myself and do the things that scare me. That’s the only way we can grow.

My word for 2019 is: Growth