Our First Craft Show!

November 23, 2018

Recently, we went to our first craft show at my old school/church and it was one of the best experiences we’ve ever had! It is prime craft show season and we learned so much from this one show!

Preparing for it took a lot of time and dedication. Jordan and I both work full-time jobs, so when we come home we work together to get the signs done and ready to sell. He is able to prepare and get all the wood from his job so by the time it comes home, it’s ready for stain and lettering. We had a “garage sale” recently where we tried to sell from our garage, but it’s hard when you don’t live in a drive-by place so people can’t just happen upon your sale. So we had a lot of signs left over from that sale which really helped our turnaround time on this sale!

I really wanted to make the stand look super cute and approachable. I got wooden crates from Wal-Mart and Menards and stained them a light stain to give an even more rustic look to them. The string lights were from Michaels and I honestly loved how they added a personal touch.

I grew up going to this craft show, so I knew I wanted to be fully prepared and come across professional when I became a vendor. My dad made me two super cute stands that I wanted to have an ‘About Us’ stand and also a prices stand for people to read or just to add another personal touch. I noticed no one really looked or read them, so they were more for me I guess! I also had my business cards ready to go on the stand, and Jordan took it upon himself to have some in his hand and pass them out to people, which worked so much better and prompted them to ask for questions about our stand than just look as they walked past. He was really great to have around! We got the Square Reader to be able to take credit card payments and not deal with too much cash and it was honestly so helpful and perfect!

We brought out the wedding sign we made for my best friend Kendra’s wedding, and it caught so much attention. Everyone loved it and we got so many potential custom orders from that one sign! Weddings will definitely be one of our biggest realms we want to dive into! My Etsy shop has a lot of that information for anyone that would want to order one!

We didn’t sell everything, which we weren’t expecting to, but my goodness did we learn so much from this craft show. It was seriously one of the best experiences we got to share together and it was the official launch of LeahLouuLettering as an official business!

Afterwards we went out on a cute little date and got a much deserved mango margarita!

If you would like more information about our business or would like to order from us, you can either email us or fill out our contact form, or visit my Etsy shop! Seriously, thank you so much for your support! We can’t wait for what this business brings us!